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Welcome to Pizazz! Our friendly staff is here to help you find the look you're going for, whether it be a new hairstyle to boost your confidence or a new manicure to add that touch of something special to your day. Browse our profiles below to get to know us and click on our names to learn more about our work and who among us might serve you best.

Barbara Gallegos, Proprietor & Hair 

Happy to seize the day and move from adventure to adventure, Barb Gallegos’ newest (and greatest!) adventure is Pizazz Salon. Launching a new business in this day and age has its challenges, but Barb has never thought of her work in hair and beauty as simply a job. Instead, it is a privilege for her to serve others, making them both look and feel their best. A staple resident of the Littleton area, Barb would like to welcome you to Pizazz where she and her staff will gladly take you where you want to go--anywhere from a polished look to an urban edge. With Pizazz Salon, we will get you there!

Tera Godwin, Cuts and Coloring Specialist

With more than 35 years in the industry, 30 years as a licensed stylist, Tera loves people and loves doing their hair! She specializes in cuts and coloring, including hi- and low-lights, and also offers hair extensions, perms, and keratin straightening treatments. She has formed great friendships with her clients over the years, greatly valuing everyone she serves.

Having grown up in Lakewood and lived in Littleton for the last twenty years, Tera is also a mother of two beautiful, sweet children!
Sherry Starkey, Master Nail Technician

Having been in the customer service industry for forty years, Sherry loves all of her clients! With more than 25 years of experience in the nail industry specifically, Sherry first started out simply by selling nail products (the first gel-light bonding system), but she soon discovered a passion for working directly with nails. Always keeping up to date on the latest trends, she keeps her all her clients "in the know" regarding the most recent styles and products in the industry. She loves to keep her clients happy and her positive and upbeat spirit never fails while she dresses up your nails!

Susan Robbins, Esthetician and Skin Specialist

Susan's esthetics career began in 2005 when she retired from Delta Airlines. Taking care of people has always been her passion and she loves it. She also strongly believes that looking good at every age is important for everyone, which is why she is here to help you look your best! She has the experience, skills, and enthusiasm to help with you with any concerns and challenges you may have, because it's never too late to start looking great!
Molly Gergen, Hairstylist

At Pizazz Salon, Molly is personality plus! Her love for fun with her husband and boys has spilled into her more than ten years of hairdressing. In the salon, her first love is for her guests and her second love if for hair color! Transforming someone from drab and dreary to rich and ravishing makes her eyes light up. Come one, come all because one of Molly’s greatest talents is being able to take care of the whole family, young and old alike!

Kathy Pride, Hairstylist

Kathy has many loves...music, art, but especially her distinct love for hair design! Always pursuing excellence and the newest trends in the hair fashion industry, she has extensive education. Her work Redken in Research and Development and as a session artist afforded her the chance to travel the U.S. teaching classes and working as a hair exposé colorist. In the salon, her passion is to make sure every guest has a great experience so that you are guaranteed to leave looking and feeling as beautiful as you truly are!
Ron Barnes, World-Renown Cuts and Coloring Designer

Ron Barnes' contribution to the hair design industry is substantial. As one of the few American hair designers to win the International World Supreme Championship in total hair and fashion design, Ron has gained widespread attention. His innovative techniques in hair design have greatly contributed to today's beauty industry. Creating the latest techniques, Ron strives to keep his designs fresh and innovative. He not only helps his devoted clients look beautiful, but also feel beautiful, living up to his motto of "making a positive difference in people's lives."
DeAndra Hoffschneider, Hairstylist

DeAndra comes to us from Michael DeCarliel and has had additional training under a world renowned award winner of two world cups.Her hair cuts are designed for the unique shape of every appointment. She achieves this by using a compound progression technique.Her color talents have no limit from short to EXTREMELY long. Allow more time because she does a thorough consultation.Book an appointment with DeAndra today!

Jen Hillbloom, Hairstylist

Jen Hillbloom has been perfecting artistic designs for eight years. She is a Master Design Hair -Cutter and a Color Specialist in Baco Italian Color Line, which is infused with hydrolyzed silk enzymes, which leaves hair silky, healthy, shiny and has a long lasting color. She also does the new age Babe Tape in Extensions that all of Hollywood is using. They give a realistic look along with comfortably. Jen keeps herself educated in the latest fashions and trends by attending hair shows and classes. In Jens free time she loves to be with her husband and son. Book with Jen at (720) 260-0515 or online www.schedulicity.com
 Ashton Anderson, Hairstylist

Ashton Anderson is a color and cut specialist trained and through Practice Master, the technique of custom coloring and cutting. She obtained a cosmetology license in '03 with passion. Ashton stared at Michael of the Carlyle until '09 and then went to Shear Perfection '09 through '13. Now we are happy to have her at Pizazz! In her career in the cosmetology industry, Ashton has gone to multiple color and cutting classes to further her knowledge and stay current on new techniques. Ashton believes learning her clients style and personality is key to performing a great service. She gives free consultations and guarantees her work! Schedule with Ashton through Pizazz! 

Erin, color specialist

Erin is a professional color specialist. She graduated from the Aveda institute in Downtown Denver almost 5 years ago. She has been in the industry ever since and she has a passion changing peoples lives by changing the way they look. In her free time Erin enjoys spending quality time with her family. Erin looks forward to working with new clients and is ready to help you achieve your color and hair style. To book with Erin schedule online at our Pizazz Schedulicity account at http://www.schedulicity.com/Scheduling/Default.aspx?business=PSLUKP

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